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"I’ll leave the big ideas up to you. After all, you’re the creative experts here. I’m just the account person.”

Over the past twenty years, I’ve heard similar statements from project managers, strategists, clients, and marketing managers. The essence is the same. They want to contribute, but don’t consider themselves creative.

To many in marketing, creativity is a black box. A mystery that only creative artists can figure out. Our schools teach us to be rational in order to succeed. Business encourages logical decision making based on hard numbers. The result is that creativity and design have been treated as a soft skill, a luxury that should only exist when business is prosperous.

Fortunately, science has finally caught up. Today we know more about how the brain works. How emotions are critical to decision making. How design-led businesses are dominating. And how creative experiences are now the way businesses will differentiate themselves. But how to create big ideas remains a mystery.

If creative ideas are so valuable, it’s time that more people understood how to create them.

I consider myself a central brainer. A balance of both right and left-brain thinking. This blog is dedicated to demystifying creative marketing. And proving that creative ideas deserve an equal seat at the marketing table as strategy. I’ll go behind the curtain to explain in simple and logical ways how creativity works, the science behind marketing, and how you can more easily create impactful ideas.

To be clear, this website isn’t just for left brainers. It’s also for creative types. Many artistic people approach creativity with an organic, Zen reverence. For many, this works fine. But for others, it takes years of trial and error to get good at it. My goal is to explain the method behind the madness in a way that you can understand the patterns and theory and get better at it. And I’ll give you ammo to prove to clients and stakeholders why creativity is better for the bottom line.

Creativity isn’t a skill that only a lucky few are born with. You can certainly learn to be better. Anyone can and should make it a critical skill in communicating. No matter what role you play in business or marketing.

Each month, I’ll post an article on everything from writing better headlines and neuroscience studies that support creativity, to recognizing how strategy is really a creative act.

Everyone can be more creative. It doesn’t have to be a mystery. The more we all understand how it works, the more our businesses and marketing efforts will improve.

Join me in exploring the science behind data-driven creativity.

Adam Morgan


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For the past 23 years, I have worked in the advertising / marketing industry. For those not in this fast-paced industry, that's like 50 dog years. I’ve had the opportunity to work for many national brands—earning valuable experience on marketing problems. I’ve been the big idea guy for countless award-winning creative campaigns, but I’ve also worked as a strategic mind on many annual marketing plans and branding efforts. I’ve worked with just about every digital and traditional media imaginable, and a few times have helped create new channels. I'm a great pitch man and have a solid background in marketing strategy and digital trends. I've led big teams while still working on the little things that count for individuals. 

I was named the "Advertising Professional of the Year" for Utah in 2014, by the American Advertising Federation. I was also awarded as one of the top "40 under 40" up-and-coming professionals in Utah, by Utah Business Magazine—a great honor to be named among progressive business leaders. I've also been on the AAF board of directors for the past decade.

And for four years now, I've been working at the perfect company for me — Adobe. In the industry, it's known as the ultimate company for creativity, and as a force for digital marketing. So like me, it's a perfect balance of creativity and science. At Adobe, I'm a senior creative director and I manage a team that handles all the writing for our enterprise business, including the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise. This spans everything from thought leadership articles to lead generation and Adobe.com. It's a great company and I'm proud to work there. If you want to know more details about my work history in advertising and marketing, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile in the footer below.

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