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Even though creativity and design thinking now have a better seat at the leadership table, that doesn't mean it’s easy to put it all into practice. Nor is it a simple task to build creative departments and teams. Or fuse more human ingenuity into your strategy or business processes. It still takes effort and a better understanding of how creativity works. Especially in today’s data-driven environment.

I believe that creative ideas work better. But I also know that data and strategy are just as important. In today’s experience era, you have to use a balance of both in order to create awesome experiences that help companies transform and stand out.

Which is why I’ve created this website all about data-driven creativity. Here, you’ll find help with building your creative machine, department, or even your personal creative career. I write books and articles that help people and companies demystify creativity so you can blend it better with your business strategies and brand campaigns.

You may ask what makes me qualified to do all this. I don’t blame you. And I’ll simply answer that I’ve been doing it for the past 23 years at a variety of international advertising agencies and large companies, such as my current role as a Executive Creative Director at Adobe. I’m just sharing my ideas, opinions, and experience to help my fellow cohorts of the creative class.

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Sorry Spock, emotion drives business

Proving the value of creative ideas with science.

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