Ten years ago, i found a picture of a blank book.

I decided to use it as motivation. I used that blank book as my screensaver on every computer I owned. I had it printed on my credit card. It's the image you'll see on my phone's login screen. Because every time I see that image, it reminds me that someday I will write a book.

Fortunately, the motivation worked. Along with a bazillion goals and a bit of structure.

Today I've finished two books. One fiction novel. One marketing book.
Feel free to read a sample chapter of either one below.

And if you're interested in reading more, please let me know by joining my list or contacting me.


Sorry Spock, Emotions drive business.

Do creative ideas really work better? This question has been a constant debate between “creative” and “results” marketers for decades. Thanks to recent studies in neuroscience, we now have an answer. And it isn’t based on slanted case studies or one-sided examples. It's solid proof that explains why creative ideas are not risky or fluffy.

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my family tree is infested with termites.

Join Alan Parkinson, a self-proclaimed normal person, for a weeklong family reunion with his dysfunctional relatives, the Tresners, at a run-down RV park in Coleville, Utah. Alan is forced to experience exciting family pastimes such as deceit, identity theft, a lice outbreak, indecent exposure, and assault—with barely enough time to celebrate his niece’s first menstrual cycle. (Based on true stories, smashed into a novel.)

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Publishers and agents

I have recently signed with a publisher for Sorry Spock, Emotions Drive Business. It will launch in fall 2018. I am currently looking for representation for my fiction book. Email admo@returnonidea.com with any interest.